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enamel suppliers uk| Latest price list of enamel supplies UK 2019

In UK they call it Vitreous enamel, and porcelain enamel is its name in the United States. Its initial use has been in religious ceremonies and it has been used for thousands of years. Later use of enamel is for making jewelleries of the highest quality. Enamelling is a term for the application of vitreous enamel. Some of enamel suppliers UK are Corby kilns, Jewel Toolcraft, Specialist craft, and Vitrum Signum. Corby kilns is the UK supplier of kilns, kiln furniture, fibre paper etc, and enamel supplier of Soyer and painting enamels and enamelling supplies. Jewel Toolcraft supplies jewellery tools, beads and cabochons, enamelling supplies, findings, kilns, metal and wire. They also supply PMC kits. Specialist craft is a UK art and craft supplier such as jewellery findings, beads, bead weaving, hot and cold enamelling equipment and supplies, resins, wire and cord, polymer clay and tools. Finally, Vitrum Signum is another UK based enamel supplier with kilns, tools and a huge selection of enamels. 

enamel suppliers uk| Latest price list of enamel supplies UK 2019

What is the difference of cold enamel with others?

What is the difference of cold enamel with others?The difference between cold enamel and the traditional enamel process is that high temperature firing is not required in the production process of cold enamel which actually is a pigmented epoxy resin that is cured through getting mixed with its special hardener. When the resin is solidified, it gives the effect of enamel without heating with in an enamelling kiln or a torch at high temperatures, and also allows an enamelled effect to be applied to a wider range of materials. Modern cold enamel jewelry has pure, clean, and adjustable and colours.

Since their technology differs, enamelling tools for hot and cold enamel are also different. In cold enamelling no torch or kiln is needed and instead of tools for applying powdered glass, the designer needs tools for mixing the epoxy resin with its hardener and for applying the resin on metal.

One of the cold enamel supplies India is Bricon which is an Industrial synthetic Enamel Paint supplier that claims to give quality coatings for all types of industries. Floor Paints, Industrial Paints, Water Based Coatings along with waste management coatings are some of their specialties. 

What is enamel Jewellery?

What is enamel Jewellery?Through history, most of enamelling has mainly been used in jewelry and decorative art. Most people think of expensive vintage pieces when they hear about enamel jewelry. However, cold enamel jewelry’s appearance has made the commercial value of enamel jewelry popular from the high end to the public. Today, cold enamel jewellery is made into both high-end jewellery and mass-produced jewellery. 

Different products of enamelling in the market

Different products of enamelling in the market It was probably in the early 19th century that the application of enamel to domestic articles such as pots and pans probably started in central Europe. Cast iron has been the first metal used for this purpose. Thanks to different enamel formulas, Today, vitreous enamel can be applied to copper, gold, silver, cast iron, steel and aluminium accordingly. Vitreous enamelled articles in the market vary from craftsmen producing one off items in precious metal to factories producing up to 12000 cookers per week with a very high proportion of the parts coated with vitreous enamel. 

The Leading Supplier of Vitreous Enamels in UK

The Leading Supplier of Vitreous Enamels in UKW.G Ball has been producing Vitreous Enamel predominately for the jewellery industry since 1954. They believe that vitreous enamel has many useful properties that makes it superior to cold enamel. it is hard, smooth, durable, has long lasting colour, cleans easily, cannot burn, and since it is glass and not paint, it doesn’t fade over time. Enamel can be transparent, opaque or opalescent and different enamel colours can be mixed to make a new colour. They stock over 130 vibrant colours of vitreous enamel powder including reds, blues, oranges, greens and violets and have both transparent and opaque vitreous enamel.

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