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enamel coated cookware| Dangers of Cooking in Enamelwares

enamel coated cookware is one of the expensive appliances in the kitchen.enamelling is one of the Iranian handicraft arts.The art of enamel is based on the decoration of metals such as gold, silver, copper, Warsaw, iron and brass with enamel colors.Enamel paints are metal oxides that are mixed with glass materials and baked in the furnace after being placed on the metal.Enamel glaze is a hard, glass-like material used in enamel.

enamel coated cookware| Dangers of Cooking in Enamelwares

Enamelling on stainless steel

Enamelling on stainless steelenamelling is one of the arts that adheres to a set of rules and regulations.10 key tips for identifying high quality enamel with metal infrastructure:

  • The enamel infrastructure should be uniform and free of debris.
  • The edges of the infrastructure shall be free of greens and their surface shall not be cracked and shall not be sharp.
  • The surface of the container should be perfectly flat.
  • The enamel glaze should be free of cracks, bumps, shells, bubbles, holes and roughness, and its concentration should be the same in all parts and not have more prominent spots on the surface of the object.
  • The surface of the enamel should be sufficiently luminous.The translucency, gloss, and smoothness of the enamel containers indicate that they are of good quality and are well cooked in the oven, but if felt on rough containers, they indicate poor quality.
  • The thickness of the paint in the painting and the decoration of the enamel is uniform and the colors used on the border of the designs are unified and consistent.
  • The motifs must be of Iranian origin and have been meticulously maintained in the coloring, the original design and the brushwork.  The design of the designs and designs must be clean and neatly worked.
  • The back of the container should be of high quality, glaze free of cracks.
  • If you look at the paint or glaze inside the cracking dishes, it indicates that the container has been burned while working.
  • The original and high quality enamel should have a number, the artist’s name, date and place of manufacture.

What is enamel cookware made of?

What is enamel cookware made of?Enamelling is an art that has a history of about 5,000 years and is a handicraft.  Nowadays, this art is mostly done on copper, but it can also be done on gold and silver. Gold is the only metal that does not oxidize when the enamel melts, so it allows for a more detailed and similar design to the enamel, while silver and silver enamels do not have this quality.There are different types of enamelling in Iran that vary in quality and how they are made.ceramic cookware is one of these types of dishes that has fans.Enamel cookware safety is used in older restaurants.These types of dishes have their own fans.Copper and enamel dishes are the safest cookware according to research.

Safety and Benefits of Using Enamel Coated Cast Iron Cookware

Safety and Benefits of Using Enamel Coated Cast Iron CookwareThe containers are not romantic unlike other dishes. These containers maintain its quality for longer.These containers have a lot of properties that can be mentioned in its special elegance.Enamels produce different works that some of the most common are likely to be:

  • Plates, potts, bowls and pages, photo frames, enamel boards combined with other arts such as gold, eating, miniature, jewelry
  • Doors, windows and lakes in the religious places, especially the Shiite Imams.
  • Decorative objects: Wooden boxes and pucks, tea services and syrup, hookah, box of the Qur’an, armor, mirror, thrust, belt, baker bubbles, sputtering spray, photo album, sofa, dodge pod.

Newest price changes of enamel dishes

Newest price changes of enamel dishesEnamelling art is not easy, and the price of the equipment is difficult for the efforts and the work in which it takes.The price list of this product varies due to changing the price of raw materials. The design and nouns in the containers affect the price directly.These dishes from Asian countries are issued to European countries; these products are exported from Iran more than it has a very high profit for the country

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