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Crushed stone inlay | Inlaid Products

The inlay Iranian artwork is crafted by decorating the small pieces of mosaic together on a container, which has a decorative use. Many traditions call it the Shiraz inlay because it is one of the earliest works of inlay in the city and has been used for more than 1,000 years in the ancient mosque’s pulpit. One of the most popular ways to do this is to use crushed stone inlay on the dishes. Join us to provide useful information about the types of dishes, their prices and more.

Crushed stone inlay | Inlaid Products

Price of Inlaid Containers

Price of Inlaid Containers The art of inlay is one of the most important handicrafts in Iran. This industry has tremendous artistic value. The history of termination in Iran has long been a tradition. This takes a lot of precision and patience, which is why it is so expensive. In addition, the less adhesive between the stones, the better the quality and cleanliness. Also, the more regular the layout of the turquoise stone and the better it sticks, the higher the quality and value of the work. You can refer to related stores for a price of khatam inlaid container including sprinkler inlaid with gold in person or online. And according to your taste and need to buy these beautiful and functional products.

Price of Inlaid Copper Containers

Price of Inlaid Copper Containers Some people consider the art of embroidery to be evolved. In essence, this art means sticking pieces of wood, metal, and bone objects onto the surface of a wooden (metal) and metal infrastructure. These pieces are usually neat geometric shapes that form a regular cross-section. Copper is one of the metals widely used in this art and copper alloy ewer inlaid has many fans. As you know, copper prices are lower than gold and silver, and as a result copper containers are more economical. It should be noted that shopping online is a great option for you. You can save considerable time and money by visiting online stores. This will also allow you to make more choices and experience safe and secure payment. You should know that before buying online, you first need to ensure the credibility of the site and then order the product you want in order to get quality inlaid containers.

inlaid work Crafts

inlaid work Crafts Inlay according to the design, color, shape and dimensions of the surface used on the work surface is adhered to with special adhesive and with various designs and mirroring the entire surface is adorned with adhesive which after some repairs, sanding and putty Finally, the abrasion and smoothing of the finishing surface is prepared for lubrication and blocking by special materials such as sealer and chloro-polyester. The quality of a good inlaid work crafts depends on the fineness of the layout and the orderly design, all of which are summarized in the master’s skill in the preparation of the raw materials and how they are applied and with great patience and accuracy.

Prices of Copper and Inlaid Vases

Prices of Copper and Inlaid Vases Copper prices depend on several factors. Generally the products that have the following are of higher quality and price:

  • The smoothness of the work surface and the absence of any end in place.
  • Uniformity of colors and materials used in the construction of Khatam
  • No change in color and shape
  • Restoration and putty works are not specified at the work level.
  • The symmetry of all the flowers and shapes at work, angles and sides
  • Painting and coating of the product must be skillful and without any defects.
  • The smaller the roles and triangles, the higher the quality and value of the work.

The most important centers of termination in Iran are Isfahan, Shiraz and Tehran, but most of the termination centers are in Isfahan or Shirazi. It should be noted that all inlaid products should be kept away from heat, moisture and direct sunlight, and avoid cleaning them with a damp cloth and avoiding any glazing on the surfaces.

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