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buy enameling copper| Properties of enamels

 buy enameling copper is one of the concerns of artists who are making enameling products, as artist of enamels you probably like to share Properties of enamels, people who are copper enameling supplies or cold enamel supplies, also details about copper enameling kiln with others who like to know about this famous and pretty art or who like have this art as a job. 

buy enameling copper| Properties of enamels

What is the use of golden enamel dish?

What is the use of golden enamel dish? Art is part of human life, human beings started making beautiful goods long time ago and use them in their every day life some of these things that they made known as a rug, enamel dishes, pottery and so on, then little by little these stuff became part of human life that we know them today as art.

One of these arts that is really famous in lots of country is known as enamel art that artist use this in making different kind of things such as jewelry, pot, jar or mug and etc more beautiful.
Enamel is an art made of fire, dirt and paint,  in about 1500 BC and is used to adorn various ornaments and containers of decor and usability.
According to studies, this art first developed in Iran and then spread to different parts of the world, enamel is transparent and comes from a combination of metal oxides and some salts, Enamel should be exposed to high temperatures ( such as 180 ° C) to produce beautiful colorful things at this temperature.

Today, they do most of the it on copper, but gold and silver are also good options for this art.
 Gold is the only metal that does not oxidize when the enamel melts, which makes it possible to carry out more details on  design, However, copper and silver enamels do not do such a thing.

Price Range of Enameling copper

Price Range of Enameling copper  Copper is one of the tools discovered by early humans over thousands of years ago, When they use clay pots, they have noticed that some of these dishes do not break due to heat or when they are set on fire, a material that becomes harder to cool after its warm up.
They called this material copper and used it in the preparation of various types of life and war instruments.

In ancient times, people not only provided their daily necessities in copper dishes, but also ate their meals in them, Copper is one of the dishes that’s highly recommending, along with its beautiful colors and eye catching properties.

These have made copper one of the most important metals, and copper is more expensive than some metals, And it can be categorized as medium priced metals. Of course, each model and type of copper has a different price depending on its purity and ingredients, the type of container being prepared, and other thing else.

Is it possible to enamel at home?

Is it possible to enamel at home?  Enamel is one of the jobs that people who are interested in art and making different designs and colors can and want do it.
To succeed in this art, you can attend art classes related to the subject and learn the basics knowledge of  it, gradually becoming skilled in this art and consider it as a  job.

There is art glass, which you can do in small art workshops or in one of your home rooms.
In fact, if you are a newbie or want to make high salary art work, enamel can help you get what you want.

What do i need to do enamel in home?

What do i need to do enamel in home? Nowadays, due to the growth of the industry and the ease of living, most people tend to have a business, one of which can be a pug that can easily earn a great deal of money from an artist.

You need the following tools to make your home pug:

  • Raw ceramic dish
  • Pug template
  • Glaze enamel
  • sandpaper
  • Carbon paper
  • Glue stick 
  • Different types of brushes

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