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Buy cheap minakari box with low price

If you plan to give a gift to one of your business partners We suggest you minakari box. As you know, minakari is one of the most original handicrafts of Iranian lovable artists Which carries a large part of Iranian history.

Buy cheap minakari box with low price

How To Make Profit From Selling Meenakari Items?

How To Make Profit From Selling Meenakari Items?Every city in the historic country of Iran has its own handicrafts. For example, the city of Isfahan is famous for its meenakari. meenakari designs is a piece of art that is drawn with a white pen on gold, silver and copper surfaces and beautiful designs.

The background colors are usually blue, green, and sometimes red. Because blue in this work demands more than other colors, they call this art of meenakari because if you have an eye for art, you will see the blue sky in the work.

 Pavement is one of the most attractive handicrafts in Isfahan and gives it a traditional atmosphere wherever it is used. Manufacturers sell their products in both physical and online form. The benefits of online stores and online sales are the easy and secure purchase of these dishes.

How can you get this art? You can easily learn the art of meenakari Iran on the Internet with the least cost and money, and become a workshop leader or join workshops around the country. This will improve the economic and livelihoods of the people, as well as more familiarity with Iranian handicrafts.

How To Choose Cheapest Meenakari Box?

Anyone wishing to purchase meenakari plates should consider the following to determine the best meenakari:

1. As soon as you take a pug, your hands become familiar with the cold of the copper and you notice its weight. If the copper was too light to fit the size of the container, it should have a lower price.

2. Each product, the more elegant the design and color variety, the more material value it has. Sometimes even some of these products are more expensive because of the use of specific colors, such as some red or purple substrates, because gold is used in the production of these colors.

3. Every valid item we buy in the market has a birth certificate. This certificate includes product description, manufacturer and product warranty. The meenakari box must also have a birth certificate to know where it came from, what kind of collection or under what brand it was manufactured and which collection would be responsible for its quality.

4. Another important thing to consider when buying meenakari plates is to keep the surface smooth and shiny. The container should not have roughness, fracture, cracking, etc. Because it is clear that the underlay and its glazing are not done correctly.

Knowing the above, you can buy these handmade products depending on your budget.

Who Owns Wholesale Meenakari Suppliers?

Who Owns Wholesale Meenakari Suppliers?Iran is one of the largest handicraft countries in the world that produces unique products. Iran has more than five hundred different types of handicrafts, and only two hundred and fifty belong to the artistic city of Isfahan.

Unfortunately, the export volume of handicrafts was very low due to the weak marketing of domestic producers and the lack of identification of export markets, especially its buyers in different countries. But thanks to the efforts of Iranian marketers, this trend is changing and growing. The market for these supplies is mostly in the Shush and Molavi streets.

Thinner, gasoline, oil, paint, black paint and printing, types of pumps, electric furnaces, anvil and … tools are high applications in this field. Enamel has many areas for innovation and creativity.

Nowadays in Iran, the center of production of meenakari in Isfahan and the meenakari jewelry maker in Ahvaz are leading professors in the production of enamel works. If you are attracted to new ideas, you can easily get a decent income in a short time.

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