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best selling enamel dinner set for trades and exports

Enamel is an opaque or semi-transparent glossy substance
that is a type of glass, applied by vitrification to metallic or other
hard surfaces for ornament or as a protective coating. there is different kinds of enamel but one of them is so popular than the rest and that is
Vitreous enamel, also called porcelain enamel. enamel dinner set includes dishes and spoons and forks.

best selling enamel dinner set for trades and exports

Best way to purchase enamels cheap

Best way to purchase enamels cheapEnamels’ price differ from one another; it depends on the size, quality, kind such as: dish or a glass or spoon and etc. you can make enamel pin which will cost between $120 to $220 for 100 units of a simple.

But if you want to buy an enamel cheap is to purchase it online. it might be cheaper but it is risky because you it is not guaranteed that you will get the exact enamel and also it might be broken when you receive it.

It will also takes time to report the issue and return it to the sender and take back your money or ask them to send you a new enamel which will at least takes a week for them to do that and you will lose a lot of time.

It is better to purchase enamel from authentic dealers or authorized stores. it is safe and they will assure you that you will receive the enamel as fast as possible and it’s safety is guaranteed and you don’t need to be worry about it’s quality or it being original or fake.

Most of them have discount on their products which makes it more affordable and cheaper to buy. they have variety of enamel such as
red enamel dinnerware, dishes and etc.

Can we use decorative enamels for serving foods?

Can we use decorative enamels for serving foods?Decorative enamels are mostly use as a decorative stuff, however, you can also use them for serving foods but it is not recommended.because they are expensive and very delicate so they might break if you hit them or put a lot of pressure on them.

If you want to buy enamel and whether use it as a decorative thing or use it for serving food you must note these important factors to keep them intact or if you want to buy an original and high quality enamel.

First, it should not be light because the enamel dish’s form will change as the time past. second, it’s surface must be shiny and smooth. third, because there is enamel on these dishes you should wash them with hot water and a sponge and never use sharp objects such as knife to clean them.

Copper enamel dishes different uses

Copper enamel dishes different usesCopper enamel dishes have many uses. most of the people use copper enamel dishes for serving food and they believe it is very healthy and helps us to stay healthy but, however, it is wrong.

copper is a reactive metal and it reacts quickly with food by heat and in the long run it will poisons the body and put the person in a dangerous situation.

Another use for copper enamel is for practicing how to glaze or enamel other dishes and to make a new enamel dish or fork and etc.copper enamel dishes are very expensive and countries that make these dishes export them to another countries around the world.

Wholesalers and major distributors in Europe

Wholesalers and major distributors in EuropeEuropean countries show a lot of love to enamel dishes such as enameled tin plates which is very magnificent and delicate and these decorative stuffs attracted their attention toward importing them.

Iran is a country that exports enamel dishes yearly to Europe. enamels such as: 24 piece enamel dinnerware set, copper enamel dishes, and many more.

Because the customers for these products are too many they sell them as wholesale or major distributors sell them with discount but because they are rare and expensive, their price is not too low even as wholesale.

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